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A Neural/Cognitive social media application.

During my tenure as founder and instructor for Creative Tech Works in North Philadelphia, I introduced wearable and EEG and Wearable technology to the curriculum. After I left the program I maintained my obsession with these new modes of interaction and sought to develop an application for the future. With this latest project, I’m creating a social media platform with an emphasis on health and wellness. Using the Cortex API and Emotive™ SDK, I’m developing a mobile application that works with the Emotiv Insight EEG headset to provide deep user information such as the user’s emotional state, stress level, attention, and focus. The technology also allows users to send direct commands using thought alone. I’m currently in the early stages of UX/UI development but plan on a late 2018 demo release. Read more about the Emotiv™ Insight here.


I’m Anthony Tyrone Howard and I’ve developed and designed projects for a myriad of agencies and brands around the world. I pride myself on creating and curating memorable and impactful designs and campaigns.

Graphic Artist, Interactive Designer, Illustrator, Creative Technologist, and Dreamer.

From designing educational interactive games for Cornell University to my work with Comcast, I’ve always felt comfortable bringing traditional design values to the digital space. I have years of diverse experience. I started my career as a Flash animator but over the past 20 years, I’ve worked within the realms of online education, commercial advertising, branding design, interactive development, pharmaceutical marketing, STEM program development, graphic novel Illustration and game design.

Indie Projects.

In addition to my client and program work, I also curate several brands of my own. Click the logos below to find out more.

What does it mean to be a “creative technologist?”. It means believing design and technology can change the world. Listen to this recent interview I did with HI-RES Philly where I talk to Ryan Starr about STEM, Creative Technology, and Comics.

Also, Check Out.

Dreams are the fuel for our reality. Dreams drive us to push past our limits. Dreams are the playground of artists, geniuses and madmen. Dreams are a primal force that shoots us to the stars. But when it’s all said and done. The world requires DOERS. People that wake from their dreams to forge a better reality. Building businesses. Forging our narratives. Creating our technology. Doers are not content with standing on the edge. They dive in head first into the unknown. Transforming dreams into tangible and digital reality is my passion. 

Take a look a video covering the launch party of my graphic novel, Hopalong Camamnshii, and the Synaptic Kush.

STEM Program Development  

For the past several years I’ve dedicated my time working with communities to figure out ways to bring technology into the classroom and drive innovation and exploration inside and outside the prescribed curriculum.


I strongly believe that design and technology can change the world. We are entering a new age where anyone with a good idea has the capacity to create, to be an inventor. The explosion of Web App development allows for rapid prototyping and the creation of communication products that are direct to an audience and hopes to create a needed service. The capacity to create art and memes to be launched on a global scale has placed a unique power in the artist. Companies of all sizes are seeking new ways to interact and communicate in this relatively new online medium.

Nascent technologies like Google Glass and Oculus Rift allow for immersive digital experiences, tapping into the richness of information of the internet and the development of faster and smaller hardware allows for greater portability and effectiveness. Emerging technologies such as Emotiv Brain/Computer Interface allows for the tracking of audience emotional states and rapid cognition. In the middle of all this, you need the artist, the creative thinker, to discover inventive applications. Below, I’d like to take you through some of my explorations into these subjects and how I’ve utilized this belief throughout my programs.

Creative Tech Works‘ mission is to produce socially conscious, diverse tech talent actively engaged leading inclusive competitiveness in the digital economy. In collaboration with WorCreations in Philadelphia, I developed and designed this creative education program based in North Philadelphia. The Goal of the program has been to introduce underexposed children to the joys of working in commercial creative arts.


I work in the areas of Communication Design, Branding, Creative Technology, Art Direction, UI / UX Front End Development, Animation, Unity Game Design and Motion Graphics.

From Comcast To Cornell University, I’ve Been Creating Digital Experiences In Both The Digital And Educational Sectors That Inform, Excite, And Delight.

I’m dedicated to solving business and creative problems using a combination of digital and traditional tools. My goal is to help existing and emerging businesses grow, launch successful products and have a positive impact in their communities. I run a private studio as a Creative Technologist with extensive experience in digital advertising and educational design, and assisted by an array of unique and talented collaborators.

Featured Clients.